Preparing a Car for Shipment

All private customers are encouraged preparing their cars for shipment in advance, as an auto transport truck will not have much time to wait when it arrives at your door. Those auto transport truckers work with tight schedule and complex condition of driving through the traffic and narrow streets. The parking condition is also very limited because of the size trucks have. Therefore, preparing a car for transport in advance is very crucial step every car shipper should take.

Readying the car for transport.

  • Wash your car thoroughly.
  • Remove all personal and valuable items.
  • Inspect the vehicle for any oil leak.
  • Check the tire pressure.
  • Refill tank not more than 1/4  of the gauge reader.
  • Store the vehicle registration and insurance documents in the glove compartment.

Why to wash it? If the car is washed clean, it is the driver will be able to make a detailed condition report of the vehicle. He will mark all existing damages on the report clearly. Thus, if any new damage occurs during the transportation it is easy to comparison to the report.

Why empty the vehicle? It is imperative that auto transporters carry only automobile itself, not any household goods. The licensing does not allow them to transport household items. That means auto transport companies do not take any responsibility for any damaged personal items which are not the part of a vehicle. Additionally, extra items in the vehicle will increase the overall weight of a vehicle which may increase the limit of of the given spot weight on the trailer.

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