Interstate Auto Transport Company

Execute safe transportation of autos across states

One of the finest transport service providers of The United States of America, Link Auto Transport Logistics provides reliable transportation and brilliant service to its’ customers. The nation’s best of the best truckers are hired for the purpose of providing safe and quality services. We make our reliability count by using our own trucks for the most of our vehicle transportation as per our client’s requirement. At Link Auto Transport Logistics, we believe mediocrity is not an option.

Brilliant Service

The area of our expertise lies in door-to-door safe movement of cars which is not size-restricted. We get clients from across the country so interstate auto transport and car shipping is not at all a problem for us. Shop online for a car and send them to across the country via us. EZ loading trailers are used to load and unload the cars for better delivery and overall service. Corporate houses and big business groups move their vast array of cars via our safe hands. Its’ more convenient for the clients if all the cars are moved from one state to another rather than moving them one by one and we do exactly so with our high- end transportation equipment.


Link Auto Transport is dedicated towards attaining perfection in providing their service. The major cities in which we are active are as follows – Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose, San Diego, Seattle, Denver, Dallas, Houston, St. Louis, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Chicago, Boston, Washington, Charlotte, Virginia Beach, Atlanta, Newark, Memphis, Columbia, Wilmington, Philadelphia, Richmond Oregon, etc. A number of factors come into consideration to know the duration, each service or delivery will take. As per the company’s policy we give more importance to bigger deals and so we cannot always assure you to deliver according to your will. However we do make sure that our schedule does not cause any kind of inconvenience to you. A minimum time of 4-5 days is required for the shipping and safe delivery of your vehicle at your door step. So it would be better if you book 2- 3 weeks earlier to your desired date of delivery.

Our Schemes

Among our many schemes the cheapest one is the open transporter. Although the cost is lessened, the risk factor is somewhat there as we have to be wary of the elements. The enclosed transport system is very helpful and safe in such matters. Being a better option, this plan has a 50% higher rate. The rate also varies from size to size. The transporting of a bigger vehicle will require be more expensive than that of a vehicle comparatively small.  Hypothetically speaking, shifting a car from San Francisco to New Work or going for interstate auto transport and car shipping will cost you about $1200.  Companies vary in car transport quotes and it is always advisable to have a quick look at all the schemes that are there before placing your desired order.

Our Motto

We thrive to provide our clients with the best quality service possible. Being the front-runner that we are in the transport service, we look forward to serving our family of clients by putting a smile on their faces. Over 10,000 happy customers write in to us daily with their orders and well wishes. And we gain our victory from you and take pride in tagging ourselves as one of the best auto shipping company in the business.

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