Car Shipping Atlanta, GEORGIA

New Car in Town

There are people who treat their cars like their own kids. If you are one of them, then we salute you because that is the way it should be. A car is one of the greatest gifts one can have for oneself. You can drive off into the sunset in a picturesque manner reminiscent of those old westerns, except without the horses and instead of a car that is your very own. You can feel like the king of the world with nothing but the open road in front of you and an entire life ahead. You can finally begin to understand what the Allman Brothers were singing about in all of their journeyman lyrics. And we at Link Auto Transport are there to speed you on your way.

Trailer Town

Link Auto Transport is effectively based in the city of Denver in the state of Colorado. Our services extend to shipping of cars for any clientele and customers who require a car being shipped from one place to another within the borders of the US. With provisions for shipping over the interstate, we can provide services inclusive of Atlanta Auto Transport and Car Shipping (GA) as well as in other cities. The cars are shipped with maximum efficiency using large trailers with the latest mechanical paraphernalia to ensure ultimate security and safety of your car from any kind of damage. The drivers for our large convoys of trailers are invariably efficient and provide a guarantee to maintain impeccable punctuality in the event of delivering your car.

Why, Georgia?

As John Mayer effectively mentioned in his lyrics to the popular single “Why, Georgia?” That he was driving to leave his troubles behind, the statement is invariably true. To have a car does take your troubles away. We can help you along the way by delivering your car right to your doorstep. Among other proffered services, we provide in Atlanta Auto Transport and Car Shipping:

  • Shipping for small businesses

  • Moving of cars in bulk in case of most corporate businesses and companies

  • Transport services for manufacturers to dealers and showrooms

  • Shipping of cars from dealers to customers

  • Private shipping services in the interest of eBay sellers and customers as well as other online forums

  • Moving services for individuals in the interest of garages, moving, and other purposes.

Whiff of Old Toby

Link Auto Transport can ensure that you receive your car safely and without any damage right to your doorstep so you can move on with your life and we can increase our number of satisfied customers by one. Picturing a more Tolkien-esque adventure, you can rest your feet on a stool like a hobbit after a hard day’s work and have a whiff of Old Toby while we take care of your delivery which you will receive at the given time. After all, when there can be a life as simple as that in the Shire, we will ensure that you find your paradise without a moment’s delay.


Chicago as being the 3rd largest city in the United States, its metropolitan area is home for 9.5 mln. people. It is one of the most developed cities in the world, also being a center for finance, commerce and transportation. One can easily observe how the city population is in demand for variety of business needs and at the same time businesses being ready to offer their services. Link Auto Transport as a professional logistics service, is committed to provide its satisfaction guaranteed auto transport and car shipping service in Chicago, IL.

Link Auto Transport having background as an interstate auto transport carrier, arranges its transport logistics service for business and residential customers. In the competitive market we offer affordable prices, but quality service. Our staff is committed to sort out the best rated trucking companies nationwide in terms of service quality, insurance coverage and competitive rates.

Chicago, IL residential Car Shipping – Link Auto Transport Logistics offers affordable door to door car shipping service for private parties. We can accommodate most of the personal car shipping needs, like interstate moving, our of state car purchasing, eBay Motors car selling, long term vacationing with personal car. We can provide door to door service as long as the streets  wide enough and free of hanging trees for car hauler trailers to pass through. Otherwise, we highly encourage the customers to meet the auto transporter at a safe and wide parking lots to make the car loading or unloading quick and damage-free.

Chicago, IL Business Car Transport is Link Auto Transport Logistics’ next division where we can arrange the transportation of one car or thousands of cars for dealers, corporate teams, wholesale buyers. We understand business clients concerns about getting the cars delivered on time and safe. Therefore, we choose the best fitted trailers for specific types of vehicles to make the transportation efficient and quick. Not every car hauler trailer can accommodate the some models of vehicles. These features can only by analyzed by having actual experience in the car hauling industry. To satisfy these needs we have team of people who finds appropriate trailers for every order placed. For every parties peace of mind, every auto transport and car shipping service we provide comes with insurance coverage.

Link Auto Transport Logistics can arrange transportation of your vehicle from Chicago to the major cities listed in “Major Cities Served” section of the website.

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